REJ GFLEX-GS Threaded Double Bellows

REJ GFLEX-GS Threaded Double Bellows

GALA Regulating System Rubber Joints


Flexible rubber joint can afford large deflection that you
can hardly imagine. It has various functions and are
highly reliable. Followings are the main features:

High Efficiency for Vibration and Noise Isolation
The twin sphere makes the spring constant small,
decreases the body natural frequency and increases the
efficiency of vibration absorption.

It can withstand a bursting pressure of over 4.8 Mpa
and a maximum working pressure of
1.0 Mpa (10 kgf/cm 2 ) with the combination of excellent
formative technique and strong chemical fibre.
Large Displacement Absorption for Eccentricity,
Axial Movement and Angular Movement

Since it can absorb large displacement, Flexible rubber
joint is most appropriate for the protection of pipe line
system. For example, it can prevent the destruction of
connecting pipe due to earthquake and subsidence of

Applicable for both Suction and Delivery
The joint fits for both suction and delivery.

Highly Reliable
The packing parts are strengthened with steel
reinforcing rings to prevent the rubber body from
slipping out of the fitting sides of flanges.

Convenient to install
When limited space is allowed for installation, the free
type sockets can be screwed separately to pipe before
fitting in the joint.

Vibration isolation for small pumps and circular pumps.

Sewage disposal purifier line.

Vibration isolation for air-conditioners and pipes.

Not suitable for hot water.

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