REJ GFLEX-F2H High Pressure Double Bellows

REJ GFLEX-F2H High Pressure Double Bellows

GALA Regulating System Rubber Joints


High pressure resistance
Combining the latest molding techniques and extremely
tough synthetic rubber fiber, FLEXIBLE RUBBER
JOINT can be safely used up to a working
pressure of 300 psi (20 bars) for size 32mm to 300mm and
220 psi (15 bars) for size 350mm and above,
Rapture pressure of of 780 psi (55kgf/cm ).
FLEXIBLE RUBBER JOINT can also withstand a
considerable vacuum force, making it ideal for use at
the suction and delivery ends of a fluid distribution

Large Compression, Elongation and Angular

Fit for suction and delivery (discharge)

Additional Features and Benefits
1.Additional gaskets and/or packing are not required.
2.Simplified installation in all piping systems using easy
alignment flanges.
3.Ability to absorb considerable elongation and
compression of pipes caused by temperature changes
prevents piping system breaks and equipment down
4.Absorbs the force created by pulsating water and
reduces the effect of water hammer.

Typical Applications

1.Cold and warm water pressure piping
systems in commercial and industrial
buildings and plants.
2.Pump and turbine piping used for power
generation plants, industrial machinery and
pump blowers.
3.Feed-water and drainage piping for water,
wastewater, and sanitary system.

Please use Control Unit for High Pressure Application.

Note: FLEXIBLE RUBBER JOINT is not applicable
for use with oil, air gases, hot water supply lines
and with pool water.

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