Industrial 9IT Thermometer TIM

Industrial 9IT Thermometer TIM

Winters Instruments Pressure Gauge

Description & Features:
• Widely specified in the industrial and commercial plumbing trade
• Includes a separable thermowell
• 3.5" (90mm) and 6" (160mm) stem
• Available in aluminum or Valox® (9”) case
• Organic filled tube (non-mercury)
• Dual scale (°F & °C)
• Vari-angle connection and 360 degree case rotation for easy installation
• Graphite filled bulb chamber for maximum heat conduction
• ±1% accuracy
• 5 year warranty

• New construction, plumbing, water lines, boilers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Scale 9” (230mm) aluminum or Valox® case, impact resistant
Lens Glass
Connection ¾” NPT with thermowell
1 ¼” - 18 UNEF swivel nut (no thermowell)
Scales Aluminum painted white with black markings
Bulb Chamber Tapered cast aluminum with graphite fill
Sensing Liquid Organic fluid
Adjaustment Fully adjustable
Thermowell ¾" brass separate socket
(Other thermowells available)
Accuracy ±1%
Enclosure Rating IP54

Order Codes (Products in bold are normally in stock)

Alluminum Case Valox® Case
Stem 3.5"
6"(150mm) 3.5"(7mm) 6"(150mm)
-40°F to 110°F & -40°C to 40°C TIM101A TIM101-6A TIM101 TIM101-6
0°F to 120°F & -15°C to 50°C TIM102A TIM102-6A TIM102 TIM102-6
0°F to 160°F & -15°C to 70°C TIM103A TIM103-6A TIM103 TIM103-6
30°F to 180°F & 0°C to 80°C TIM104A TIM104-6A TIM104 TIM104-6
30°F to 240°F & 0°C to 115°C TIM100A TIM100-6A TIM100 TIM100-6
30°F to 300°F & 0°C to 150°C TIM105A TIM105-6A TIM105 TIM105-6

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