Economy Gauge PEM

Economy Gauge PEM

Winters Instruments Pressure Gauge

Description & Features:
• Most economical, all-purpose pressure gauge
• 1.5" (40mm) to 4" (100mm) sizes
• Friction bezel rings
• Black steel case
• Brass internals
• ±3-2-3% accuracy
• CRN registered
• 5 year warranty

• Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, pneumatic, hydraulic, water tanks, air compressors, OEM

Dial 1.5” (40mm), 2” (50mm), 2.5” (63mm), 4” (100mm) white aluminum with black and red markings
Case Steel, painted black (plastic available)
Lens 1.5” (40mm), 2” (50mm), 2.5” (63mm): Polycarbonate
4” (100mm): Glass
Ring 1.5” (40mm), 2” (50mm): Steel, painted black
2.5” (63mm), 4” (100mm): Steel, chrome plated
Socket Brass
Connection 1/8” NPT or 1 /4” NPT standard
Bourdon Tube Phosphor bronze
Movement Brass
Pointer Alluminum, black
Welding Silver alloy
Over-Pressure Limit 25% of full scale value
Working Pressure Maximum 75% of full scale value
Ambient/Process Temperature -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C)
Accuracy +3-2-3% ANSI/ASME Grade B
Enclosure Rating IP52

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